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Filigranes_Few of Them_Sharunas_Bartas-6510 Filigranes_Few of Them_Sharunas_Bartas-6512 Filigranes_Few of Them_Sharunas_Bartas-6515 Filigranes_Few of Them_Sharunas_Bartas-6516 Filigranes_Few of Them_Sharunas_Bartas-6519 Filigranes_Few of Them_Sharunas_Bartas-6520


Sharunas Bartas
Few of Them, photographs and poems

The Lituanian filmmaker of international renown Sharunas Bartas first published his photographs in this book, with three of his poems, on the occasion of the retrospective of films dedicated to him by the Centre Pompidou, the release of his new film Peace to Us in Our Dreams and the exposure at the Passage de Retz, Paris. 

Text: Sonia Voss
Design: Jenny Hasae
Filigranes Editions

Published on 15/02/2016
Size: 165 x 196
40 color and black & white photo
72 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-383-4

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