Jenny Hasae

I am a Japanese-French graphic designer, with a background in anthropology studies, living and working since 2017 in Arnhem, a green town in the Netherlands.

I graduated from Kuwasawa Design School (Tokyo), after a MA in anthropology (ENS and EHESS, Paris). I worked for a research institute on architecture and urbanism in Paris (IPRAUS, school of architecture Paris-Belleville) and later, for the French research institute on Japanese studies in Tokyo (MFJ), where I got a solid experience in field work, writing, editorial work and visual communication, while developing my own artistic activities.

Since 2015, I have my own company Atelier sans fin, for graphic design, illustrations and editorial projects.
Please feel free to contact me! I would be pleased to meet you and hear about your beautiful project.
Contact: project[at]ateliersansfin.com

English / Français / 日本語 / een beetje Nederlands

I also work, part time, for a graphic Dutch design studio, Diep Arnhem. Please have a look too!

Here is my blog: a boca louca e o passarinho

Clients: Maison franco-japonaise (Tokyo) / Institut français Japon / Fondation Konishi (Tokyo) / Fondation Ishibashi (Tokyo) / Suiseisha (editor/Tokyo) / Espace Hattori (cultural centre/Paris) / IPRAUS (research in architecture/Paris) / ENSA Paris-Belleville (school of architecture/Paris) / Madame Saké (sakes/Paris) / Saulnier Blache Consultants (fine wines/Beaune) / Vin Passion (fine wines/Tokyo) / Trait d’union (champagne productors/Champagne) / Sonia Voss (curator/Paris) / Otsuki Keiko (textile artist/Tokyo) / Bizibi (cinema production/Paris) / Asma architects (architecture studio/Paris Siem Reap)…